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Show your support for millions of people walking out of their homes and workplaces. No more business as usual.

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What’s happening?

This September 20th, millions of people will join young climate strikers in a Global #ClimateStrike on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. Anyone with an online presence has an opportunity to join in and “go green” with a digital strike.

Sites: “go green” with a digital strike

Spread the word about the #ClimateStrike with a small, but powerful, banner. On September 20th, expand the banner fullscreen so your website can join the strike — digitally!

Simply add this line of JavaScript to any page on your site to join the Digital #ClimateStrike:

<script src="" async></script>

Or if you’re a WordPress site, we have a plugin that adds the widget with just a few clicks.

And if you’re a Squarespace site, here are instructions for adding the widget.

Finally, if you’re a Shopify store, here are instructions for adding the widget.

The widget will appear on your page as a closable footer just like you see it here (demo):

Digital Strike Banner

Then on September 20th, the global strike day, the widget can expand it show your site joining the Digital #ClimateStrike (demo):

Digital Strike Full Page

For those who cannot shut down their website for the day, a closable overlay option is included as part of the widget (demo):

Digital Strike Partial

Visit our GitHub page to learn how you can further customize the user experience or behavior of the widget.

Please feel free to create your own custom way to drive awareness of the Global #ClimateStrike on your site.

If you use your site to spread the word in any way, please let us know by filling in the form below. This is super important so we can help amplify your impact and mobilize as many people as possible to help stop the climate crisis.


Do you run a popular mobile app? Tell your users about the Global #ClimateStrike!

Global #ClimateStrike Push Notification

Everyone: Spread the word on social media

On social media? Share these Digital #ClimateStrike graphics on your corner of the Internet to get the word out.

Before September 20th

Download resources!

Ready to Strike In Instagram

During September 20-27

Download resources!
On Strike Instagram

There is also a #ClimateStrike profile pic overlay so your social profiles can join in:

Profile pic overlay example
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Join The Digital Climate Strike

Join millions of people walking out of their homes and workplaces and show your support through a digital strike. No more business as usual.

People around the globe will walk out of their workplaces and homes on September 20th. Anyone with an online presence has an opportunity to join in and “go green” with a digital strike.

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It’s time to join the youth and support the #ClimateStrike. September 20th, millions of people will participate. Are you ready?

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